Know yourself better
to make better decisions.

Make better decisions about your life by understanding what truly motivates you.


What makes you unique.


Your strengths and weaknesses, passions and fears, your desires and dreams.


Your life on your own terms.

A holistic approach is followed:

Map your life

Life is a series of decisions that unfolds into your journey. Guide yourself into a happier and fulfilling life.


Entrepreneurs are individuals who identify business opportunities and decide to create a business venture of their own. Entrepreneurs are found in every industry and at every level in society, from the hawker on the side of the road to the owner of a large corporation who started from a small business in a back room.

√ Business
√ Challenge
√ Dedication


Accountants help to ensure that firms are run more efficiently, particularly from a financial point of view; that a country's public records are kept accurately; and that taxes are paid properly and on time. Accountants can either specialise or become generalists. Fields of Specialisation include: Accounting; Cost Accounting; Tax Specialist; Computer Science

√ Analyse
√ Compare
√ Interpret

Medical Doctor

Doctors are licensed practitioners of the science of medicine. Medical students can opt to specialise after or during their internship year and their choices include the following: Clinical Medicine Physicians; Laboratory Medicine Physicians; Surgeons

√ Serve
√ Save
√ Secure


Educators are responsible for the facilitation of learning and the development of skills in children. Another vital role for educators is to contribute to the development of the child’s character and sense of responsibility. 

√ Knowledge
√ Balance
√ Patience


YouTube is huge these days, and varies in what you can do. There are multiple genres, from the million dollar makeup YouTubers to the insanely popular people who play games to an audience, to those people who open up boxes of things and earn money from it. Arguably, the only thing that connects them is a shared medium.

√ Creative
√ Confident
√ Character

It all starts here

Once you know who you are you can create a career that is aligned with you.
What's included
Psychometric assessments,

This will help you to choose a career path that is best suited for you.

Consolidated feedback,

A report providing you with a set of recommendations with possible career options.

An opportunity,

Improve critical-thinking and decision making.

A community,

Access to an online community, to grow and learn together.

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