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Details on what Mind University is offering.

Dear Parents,

With the COVID-19 virus, the world has changed seemingly overnight, and we understand that in the midst of this sudden shift, parents and children are faced with many uncertainties.

Mind University would like to reassure you that we are determined to assist where we can in these uncertain times to ensure your child is still able to make informed subject choices or future career decisions.

Online Subject
Choice and Career

Our online assessment process consist of 3 phases.

The national lockdown period is a good opportunity for parents and children to use this time productively and to focus on making subject choices or career decisions.


Receive our online career questionnaire via email.

Your child completes the questionnaire, and you can provide input and assistance where required.

Ensure you have your child’s last school exam results close by, as it is required for the career questionnaire.

This is an important step to ensure your child (and you as parent) apply your minds to the world of work and provides the foundation of the assessment session.

Timeframe: 7 Days to Complete


Complete the online, virtually supervised assessments session,
consisting of:

• Personality assessment
• Interest assessment
• Cognitive assessments

Timeframe: 4 Hours to Complete


Receive feedback report electronically

Video call feedback to unpack the report and to answer any questions, if required.

Timeframe: 15-20 Days to Complete
Timeframe: 7 Days to Complete
Timeframe: 4 Hours to Complete
Timeframe: 15-20 Days to Complete

Need to Know More?

Life doesn’t provide a manual but it gives you people, experiences and opportunities that can guide you to design your life in the best possible way.

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Am I Equipped?

Getting Ready.

In order for us to conduct the assessment session online we would require information on your equipment, technology and home environment to advise if we will be able to assess your child online.

We are aware that not all families may have the resources to do the online assessment route. If this is the case, the online survey will give us the information, so that alternative arrangements can be made.

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Free E-Learning
Lessons on the

Knowledge is power, and we have to arm ourselves with the correct information.

As such, we have sourced an e-learning lesson with the most vital information. It shouldn't take you longer than 20 minutes to work through. Make sure you test your knowledge by taking the quiz afterward!

This lesson is not mandatory, but it serves as a good foundation to understand the worldwide pandemic better and to be better informed.  

Since this video was uploaded, even more stringent regulations in South Africa came into place (e.g. traveling, non essential retail stores operating etc), but we encourage all parents and children to complete the lesson together.

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We may face a national lockdown in many different ways and therefore may quickly feel overwhelmed by the situation. We should always remember that we have the power to choose how to react and act in any situation.

Do not let what is out of your control interfere with all the things you CAN control, such as:
Having a positive attitude
Keeping good hygiene and safety habits
Focusing on school work and complete all assignments due for the coming school term
Focusing on the subject or career choices assessment and taking it seriously as this is an important step for making informed decisions.
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