Adapt The Parent
Coaching Model

Guide your child to brilliance and help them understand how they can design the life they deserve.

Thought Partner

Explore thinking, ideas and experiences together to change understanding and actions. The key to powerful thinking is powerful questioning.

When we ask the right questions, we succeed as a thinker, as questions are the force that powers our thinking.

It’s a skill we all can learn.

Challenge Partner

Discuss what needs to be achieved and challenge the why, what and how it will be achieved. 

Challenging provides new perspectives and original solutions, as you will look at the same information with a different set of eyes to explore the finer detail and processes together.

Accountability Partner

We are much more likely to take action if someone is taking note and tracking our goals, but also coaching us and cheering us on along the way.

Parents are their child’s life coach and children need this type of values, time alignment and choice-making life coaching skills before they transition to adult life. You want to give your child the best possible head start for a fulfilled life, and as a parent partner you can do that.

A helping hand in the journey to identify core values, educate your child to make choices that align with those values and time management guidance that will support live as an adult with balance rather than overwhelm.

Equip yourself with a coaching mentality and learn simple but powerful parenting tools to support your child in living a life of balance, alignment and meaning. Create a Family Mission Statement, slow down to reflect and spend time with positive people whose values are aligned to your values.

The Avatar Parent

We believe that when parents are happy with themselves and clear about their beliefs and values, this will be reflected by their children, like little mirrors. 

Become your Avatar

Education and knowledge is not enough, only if it moves you into action, you truly have earned the power that can change anything. We want to work together in transforming your education into action. 
What's included
A workshop,

Interactive and practical exercises, discussing the idea of what a Parent Partner and the AVATAR Partner is.

Work material,

Step by step easy-to-use exercises that’s supported by psychology and neuroscience to guide yourself and your child to brilliance.‍

An opportunity,

Network and discuss with like minded parent partners.

A community

Access an online community, to grow and learn together as a Mindful Parent Generation.

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